Alina Grosu found a new hobby

11.09.2018 11:55

"АлинаAlina Grosu mastered the wakeboard three hours

Singer Katy Perry has mastered extreme riding the waves on a Board for three hours! First time trying wakeboarding combines elements of water ski slalom, acrobatics and jumps, the artist has achieved decent success.

“Now it’s my favorite hobby — the singer admits. — Sorry that my season was opened only recently. But I’m hoping for a Golden autumn, and that September will be pampered with all the nice weather.

Wakeboard was not such a terrible sport like I thought. The main thing is to learn to rise above the water right and just to stand on the Board. I had a good coach who very wisely told me everything, but I still constantly falling. In the first “race” I could not resist the daughter of a second and fell on a Board face first.

In the third race I drove half a meter. and on the fifth already tried to make a different snake, squats, turning right and left, to let go!

Wakeboard develops virtually all the muscles. After all, it is necessary to keep the body on an unstable surface. So this gorgeous fitness, and even in nature!And still get a real buzz from flying over water. It’s incredible the emotions that I want to experience again and again.”

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