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"МистическиеThey excite the human mind until now.

Secrets and mysteries always attract people. Although supernatural causes or conspiracy theories are more fun, some instances are often explained by the very simple and banal. But despite this, there are a number of cases that will forever remain a mystery. In this article we will tell you about three unusual and mysterious cases in the history, and believe their heroes or not, it’s only you.

1. The Murder Of Julia Wallace


Julia Wallace was unremarkable housewife who lived in Liverpool on Wolverton street. Her life was quiet and measured. Julia was a loving husband William, who in her doted. February 19, 1931 the man, as always, went to a chess club, a game in which he tried not to miss. But it was then that William was not destined to complete his party. His game was interrupted. The unknown man, who introduced Caltrano, asked William to come to the address he dictated. The man was very surprised, because did not recognize the caller’s voice nor his friend, nor colleague,nor even a neighbor. But despite this, William decided to check what actually hides дом25 MenloveGardensEast, the address indicated is unknown.


Upon arrival and probuzhdaj the surroundings, the man realized that the address was fake. Losing an hour of their time, William, in a very good mood, returned home. Opening the door, he did not know what horror will meet him inside his home. In the hallway lay his wife, Julia, covered in blood and with obvious signs of violent death. Of course, the police did not understand, and were taken into custody by William.


The police put forward the version that William himself had sent myself a message, because the telephone booth from which to call Castrum was a few yards from the chess club William. A man not only convicted, but sentenced to death. However, the Supreme court made the decision to release William, finding that the evidence against him is circumstantial. So far the case remains unsolved.

2. The great Amherst mystery


Amherst is a quiet and small town in Nova Scotia. In the second century polovine one local resident, whose name was Esther Cox, with horror told his mother about what he had seen poltergeist. The woman lived in a big house with his family and sister. But it happened grief. In one of the unremarkable Denko Molodoi people Esther in the seizure almost killed her. After that, the woman was diagnosed with nervous exhaustion. That is some time after this incident, the woman and began to see ghosts. That though as-that to calm a sick imagination, Esther went to live in the house another of his sisters, but as soon as the woman returned to Amherst, ghosts again began to make itself felt.


After the poltergeist wanted to burn her house, Esther had nothing to do, how to invite a well-known researcher of paranormal phenomena. Walter Hubbell was not long in coming. Bringing with him the technique, he left to explore the house of Esther for several weeks. To the surprise of the public, the woman was not lying, and record Hubbell was proof of that. After the famous “hunter” for ghosts visited Esther, he wrote a book about his experience in her house. In addition, he described the attack on the woman.

3. Black mausoleum

It is a famous cemetery located in Edinburgh, Scotland. So-called “Black mausoleum” became the last refuge for sir George Mackenzie. Given the fact that popularly dubbed the “bloody”, it is not difficult to imagine how many human souls he ruined. After “bloody Mackenzie” died in 1691, many breathed a sigh of relief. All was calm and quiet, and sir George was entombed in his mausoleum exactly until 1999. It was then that many visitors to the cemetery began to notice strange stains on the gravestones and flying white balls.


But besides this, some visitors began to notice on your body strange bruises after a visit to this place. Some saw the image of “bloody Mackenzie” and fainted. After such cases more frequent, on the famous cemetery invited Richard Felix, the famous British researcher of paranormal phenomena, which is confirmed here paranormal activity and reported that the reason was just Mackenzie. The grave of a historical figure immediately sealed, but the attacks on workers continued. Most skeptics of today suggest that the blame for all the attacks against people is mass hysteria and panic.

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